Dartmoor in 1916
"I have been in prisons, internment camps and soldiers' barracks both in Ireland and England and I would gladly accept the worst of them in preference to Dartmoor."
Prisoner’s Return to Clonakilty, 1917
Annotated; presumably from local newspaper
Notification of Scholarship, September 1912
Tenable at Royal College of Science, Dublin
Four Courts account, possibly by George Byrne
"…all, with the exception of Con O'Donovan, who was later sentenced to death, were transported to England."
Letter to Con’s son Sean O’Donovan from United Conference of Old I.R.A.
The letter is thanking Sean for reading the proclamation outside the G.P.O. in 1948, at the time of the Commemoration Parade.
Letter from Royal College of Science, September 1926
A letter enclosing a list of items Con O'Donovan will need to resume his studies.
Letter from Rathfarnham Barracks, November 1920
"My Captors have been polite & even kind to me…"
Letter on Behalf of Seán O’Donovan, 1923
Con O'Donovan is asking that the post of assistant veterinary inspector, formerly held by his brother Seán, not be filled, as Seán is to be released shortly.
The Commandant Regrets
Abridged CV
"Instead of going home for the Easter holidays I stayed in Dublin for the Rising, fought in the Four Courts, was courtmartialled and sentenced to death…"
Letter from Arbour Hill, January 1921
"Outside the castle gate the same armoured car awaited me, was told to consider myself re-arrested & was brought here immediately."
Letter from The Bridewell, 1920
"I’m convinced they only took away an awful lot of rubbish sufficient of course to make a charge of sedition but no more if they confine themselves to anything bordering on the truth."
Statement by Witness, 1959
Con O'Donovan made a statement to the Bureau of Military History in 1959.
1916 prisoners
1916 prisoners, photographed on their return from Britain, outside the Mansion House in 1917
Postcard from Usk prison
This postcard was sent from Usk prison on 20 July 1918.

Con O'Donovan was one of those arrested in relation to the "German Plot" in May 1918.
Con O’Donovan on NI Driving Licence
The licence was issued 23 August 1934.
Con O’Donovan at College of Science, Dublin, probably 1924
Con O’Donovan is in the second row from the bottom, fourth from the left.
Agnes and Con O’Donovan
Agnes and Con O’Donovan on their 25th wedding anniversary, 12 July 1947
Chapel in Usk Prison
Chapel in Usk Prison. Con O’Donovan sent a postcard from Usk Prison in 1918.
Con O’Donovan
The photo looks retouched – though Con O'Donovan outside the Mansion House in 1917, after return from imprisonment in Britain, looks very similar.
Cornelius (Con) O’Donovan in Old I.R.A., or possibly F.C.A., uniform
Someone has written "Easter '41" on the photo.
Group photo of hunger-strikers
On 11 August, a mass strike was once again initiated in Cork Jail.
Agnes Monks
Agnes Monks became the wife of Con O’Donovan in 1922, soon after his release from internment.
Agnes and Con O’Donovan, 1947
Ellen O’Donovan (O’Neill), wife of Johnny O’Donovan
Studio portrait of Ellen O’Donovan (née O’Neill), wife of Johnny O’Donovan and (future?) mother of Con O’Donovan.
Sean O’Donovan
Sean was the eldest son of Con and Agnes O’Donovan. They had six children in all, Sean, Ellen (Nell), Margaret (Maeve), James (Jim), Cornelius (Conn), and Desmond (Des).
Kathleen Boland
Kathleen married Sean O’Donovan, brother of Con O’Donovan. He was a Senator.
Senator Sean O’Donovan
Senator Sean O’Donovan with Pope John XXIII.
Mass card (booklet) of Ellen O’Donovan
Ellen O’Donovan (née O’Neill) married John (Johnny) Donovan (the O’ was added as some point); she was the mother of Con O’Donovan, the eldest of her four children.
Mass card of Harry Boland
Harry Boland was the best man at the wedding of Con O’Donovan and Agnes Monks.
Mass card of Kathleen O’Donovan
Mass card of Kathleen O’Donovan (née Boland), wife of Senator Sean O’Donovan, brother of Con O’Donovan
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